I'm an Intolerant Discriminator...and Proud of It

Political correctness run amok.  Indoctrination extraordinaire.  Lies masquerading as truth.

Every now and then, even the best among us get sucked into the manipulative language being used to pressure and coerce people to change their views on any number of issues.  And, if we are not careful, we can find ourselves with our guard down, fail to recognize when the lies are working and wind up slugging it out with the deviant among us who have prearranged the outcome through pure skullduggery ala trying to shame and guilt trip us into surrender.

I became aware of this pressure yesterday while reading center77’s piece that criticized Romney incessantly for being intolerant because he allowed circumstances to create the situation that caused one of Romney’s homosexual spokesmen to resign.  (My take — not center77’s).  As center77 defended his position (to the overwhelming push back from most commenters who disagreed with his analysis), he must have used the word “intolerant” at least fifty times — with the same righteous indignation one would use when talking of a pedophile, racist or elder abuser.

Then suddenly, I slapped myself out of the brainwashing mode and struck back by announcing that, “Intolerance is good…”  Yes.  It felt so good to say it out loud.  I’m intolerant and proud.

Many things should not be tolerated —  for good reason — and I refuse to buy into this hijacking of a word to demonize common sense and wisdom.

Then today, I read JSobieski announcing that we need to take back the word “discrimination.”  And I thought, yeah, that’s right.  That’s another word that has been recklessly used to beat us down into obedient serfs who are no longer able to think for ourselves much less discriminate between right and wrong, good and bad or moral and immoral.

And that, of course, is more nonsense meant to stun us into silence by the opposing forces who are poised to accuse us of — God forbid — discrimination when we use our brains to determine the wisest position to take or decision to make in any given circumstance.

Feels good to rebel against the indoctrination.  Say it again…”I’m an intolerant discriminator” — and proud of it.