I Know I Live In the People's Republic of California...

but, please, would some of you RS readers tell me if this is going on all over the country?

I just took a short trip across town and could not believe the commercial I heard on one of the Los Angeles based radio stations.  It was an advertisement for food stamps encouraging people to see if they qualify for “Cal-Fresh Food Stamps.”

There was soothing music playing in the back ground and they reassured people that they could be working and still qualify!  I was so shocked and disgusted that I didn’t hear all of the details but I did hear them saying you would be able to get all the fresh vegetables you wanted and the food stamp money would simply be put on a debit card and you could spend away!

As dark blue as California is we have never sank this low.  I guess this is what we get with “food stamp Obama” in the White House.  Taxpayers are paying for commercials to push food stamps on the people hoping to get them addicted.  Without shame.

This must be Obama and the new left’s version of spreading the wealth around.  Are any other states seeing this kind of advertising?  Please fill me in.  Then I’ll know if this is just my state or a nation-wide phenomenon.