Why should we care about justice for Zimmerman?....after all, he's a Dem!

What is wrong with us?  Why can’t conservatives jump on the band-wagon, follow in the footsteps of the unprincipled, hypocritical leftists and abandon Zimmerman’s cause in the name of loyalty to our party?  I mean, why should we care if he goes down in flames while being pummeled by the hatred spewing out at him from the likes of the most devout crusaders inside his own party?  What’s up with all that?

For weeks now, numerous diaries and commentaries have been published here at RedState dissecting every angle of this story.  While we know little beyond what occurred the night Zimmerman shot Martin, it has been reported that Zimmerman is a Democrat.  A Democrat!  And yet still, the overwhelming commentary here has been in defense of Zimmerman.  Most of us smell the stench of the case being used for political purposes and feel compassion for Zimmerman as he is scapegoated and lynched by the evil hatred that fuels the underbelly of the progressive movement in America.  And for that, we should feel proud.

This is what makes conservatives great.  It is what will make us triumph against the evil we are fighting.  We truly do believe in the principles we fight for and live by — principles that are timeless, colorblind and enable us to achieve excellence in everything we do.  If we were like the evil we are fighting, we would have ignored Zimmerman’s plight the moment we learned he was a Dem.  We would have gloated while we watched a man in the enemies’ camp suffer injustice and go down in flames.

But, no.  We can’t do that.  We cry out for justice for our enemy.  We see the horrors of the evil being done and we want justice to prevail and the truth to be told.  And we abhor the self-serving lies, hate-mongering bullhorns and race-baiting rabble rousers who lick their chops and drool at the chance to make headlines and a few bucks while they destroy the lives of whomever they decide to go after.

There is much debate and discussion right now about exactly how to define a conservative.  A case study on the Zimmerman story — and how conservatives came to his defense — should be considered when we define ourselves and try to explain what makes us tick.

And maybe, just maybe — when the Zimmerman case is over — we will have succeeded in rescuing many out of the enemies’ camp and seeing them run into our camp when they abandon the deceptive tactics of the leftists once and for all.