Attention Tea Partyers & Assorted Conservative Political Activists...

I would like to bring to your attention an exciting free on-line course being offered by Hillsdale College.   The course title is “Constitution 101:  The Meaning & History of The Constitution” and, according to the announcement, is part of a major national campaign to educate millions of citizens, including our elected officials, about the Constitution.

Hillsdale College is providing this course to anyone interested partly in response to the grassroots interest in returning our country back to its foundational principles.  These cherished principles are articulated in the Declaration of Independence,  the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  But sadly, many of us have neglected studying these documents and as a result, we are weak advocates of the principles of conservatism and allow liberal leftists to steal our liberties one by one.

Please consider taking this free on-line course to hone your political skills.  The Constitution cannot enforce itself and we all have a civic duty to protect and defend it for ourselves as well as our posterity.

You can find out more about this class by going to HillsdaleCollege.com.