This Diary Is For RedState Christians Only--Unless, Of Course, You Have Something Valuable To Contribute Anyway

This diary is not meant to be snarky.  I am struggling with my own conscience and would like to hear from other like-minded RSers to see how they are dealing with this issue.

For the sake of context, a little more self-disclosure is in order.  I’m a fairly new poster to RS but more than that, I am one of the new Tea Party-type political activists.  In other words, I don’t know what the heck I am doing and feel really naive compared to the veteran activists who are regular contributors here.

Shortly after Obama was elected, I felt compelled to get involved to try to save our country from self-destruction.  I stumbled into the political process last year and for the first time ever, volunteered to help Meg Whitman get elected here in California.  (That was really disappointing as I watched her waffle into a RINO as soon as she won the primary.)  I am also involved in a new local Tea Party and plan on diving into the Republican Party ala Cold Warrior style soon.

So, let’s just cut to the chase.  What is my problem?  I am wondering how other Christians who have more than a superficial commitment to the Lord deal with all of the sleaziness and dirty word wars.  It seems extra apparent right now that we really have some fine Republican candidates running for president in the primary, but by the time we get done “vetting them” they seem to be no better than the most low-down low-life one could imagine.

This is vexing my conscience as I am gleefully joining in the process.  For those who aren’t Christians or who don’t know what the scriptures have to say about this, let me just say that it is highly frowned upon.  Since we have been graciously and freely forgiven of our shortcomings, we are admonished to overlook others faults, be kind and tender-hearted toward others and keep a guard over our tongue in terms of hastily accusing others or defaming their character.

Am I the only one feeling guilty about this?  Does anyone have suggestions for how we could improve things along these lines?  Given the nature of the game, it seems we almost have to join in the process as nothing is hidden from view these days but so much of what we are doing seems destructive and counter productive so I just thought I would put this diary out here and see if anyone has anything to say about the mess.