Democrats Offer Recklessness, Not Reform

Sent to “Letters to the Editor” for my local paper.

Americans agree that our healthcare system needs retooling. Conservatives point out that our current profit-based system provides incentive to innovate and improve; liberals propose we make coverage more available and affordable. The facts support both sides: America invents triple the new techniques, medicines, and equipment of the next closest nations, yet Gallup reports that nearly twice as many Americans feel insurance is too expensive compared with Canadians and Britons.

Recognizing that the myriad European systems and the American approach all have merits and drawbacks, a serious approach at reforming health insurance should involve economists and doctors, working to create a “hybrid” system that could combine the best facets of each model. America has forever been a robust, innovative powerhouse and there’s no reason that we shouldn’t carefully and thoughtfully devise a groundbreaking new approach to healthcare.

Congressional Democrats seem to disagree with me. Eschewing careful consultation with experts and creative, thoughtful tinkering, professional politicians Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are attempting to hastily cobble together a slapdash move towards a complete national takeover, and aim to force it through on an artificial political timetable.

The current bill would cost approximately $1 trillion (isn’t the whole idea to save money?) and stands at a whopping 1,000 pages of added bureaucracy and red tape. Unbelievably, in this shaky economic climate, Congress is playing politics with healthcare–to the tune of $1 billion per page!

President Obama campaigned as an intellectual pragmatist, not a partisan proponent of dangerous and expensive experimentation masquerading as “reform.” His continued push to adopt the flawed plan at break-neck speed ignores the aspects of our current system that are worth preserving. His party-line position is as disappointing as the lock-step support of both our Democratic Senators. America can do better than this bill and certainly than these politicians.