So you believe in AGW?

So you believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming? The theory that man’s activities are the primary and dominant driver for any increase in global temperature and that this increase is a bad thing?  Is that correct?

OK. You also believe that if only we – as a human population – would greatly reduce the production and release of so-called greenhouse gases, we could then stop and reverse global warming.  Also correct?

Got it.

OK, one more: You additionally believe that the risks of not taking drastic and rapid action demand we implement policies and laws to rein in the emission of so called greenhouse gases? All correct?

Ok, then. So this means that you:

– No longer eat any beef, cattle or sheep or use their milk products. At all. Or use leather or wool products. Cows and sheep are the number one domestic sources of methane, a potent supposed greenhouse gas. Reducing demand for their products will reduce the number of livestock and decrease methane production.

– Have moved into the smallest home possible, preferably an apartment that is within biking/walking distance of all the things you must do – work, school, grocery, post office, etc.).

Note: Historically humans have functioned perfectly well on about 60-180 sq ft per person, or about 600 sq foot for an typical family of 3. Larger homes use more natural resources to heat and cool, use more wood and plastic products to build and cost a whole lot more to build and maintain.

– Ideally your home has no lawn, just natural ground cover and you have planted as many CO2-absorbing trees as possible on your property.

– IF it has a lawn, you do not mow it, as mowing – whether gas powered or electric – consumes energy which is mostly created by burning fuel.

– If living in a state that allows you to choose, you have voluntarily chosen an energy provider and energy source that comes completely from renewable sources (wind, water, solar, geo-thermal). It costs much, much more than fossil-fuel based sources, true, but it is completely AGW clean.

– You never drive to any activity or function that you could walk or bike to. Never ever. It takes longer, but you simply plan ahead so you will not produce emissions (or waste fuel).

– You always drip or line-dry your clothes. That dryer sucks a lot of carbon dioxide producing energy, while the sunshine is free. Everyday.

– You have had an energy-audit performed on your living space to see where the cooling/heating is being wasted and have spent the money- no matter the cost- to upgrade the windows, doors, appliances and insulation to make the space as efficient as possible.

– You always turn off all appliances, lights, etc when not using them. Always.

– When you do drive, you drive well-below the speed limit – and you slow down by easing off the gas well ahead of the need to stop and accelerate gradually when it is time to go forward.

– Speaking of cars, you have spent the money – regardless of cost or size – to get the most fuel efficient model possible.

– You recycle 100% of your consumable waste, and compost the organic waste and only buy products packaged in recycled materials, even though they are often more expensive.

– You only eat fresh and minimally processed foods. Processing foods removes nutrients and consumes energy in the production phase.

– Speaking of eating, you have determined your healthy-body weight for your type and activity level and have reduced your consumption of food as required to achieve and then maintain this body weight, even though you may wish to eat more.   AND you definitely do not eat corn-products as they are perhaps the most costly to grow in terms of energy and water.

Note: Overweight people require more food to sustain their bulk, more cooling (energy use) in the summer and more fabric to cover their bodies in winter. They place a greater load on their vehicles leading to increased fuel consumption and wear and tear leading to early replacement.

As they also eat more food than their body needs, more is excreted into the waste management system, requiring more energy to process.

As a side benefit, you are experiencing greater physical health which will lead to lower health care costs. See, it pays to be smart.

– Preferably you seldom bathe, but when you do, then you always take cool or cold showers to avoid using energy to heat the water. Likewise, when you wash clothes, you always do it in cold water.

You do all these things all the time, correct?

If not, why not?

Really, why not?

Your beliefs and those of others like you, if acted upon, will lead to laws and policies and costs and inconveniences on everyone else in both the developed and undeveloped world.

Before you push to force that unwelcome change of life quality on all the rest of us, show us you are serious about the world by changing your own life first, bearing the costs and inconveniences you wish your laws will force on the rest of us.

If you are not doing all these things all the time, then please shut up and go back into your hypocritical hole and stop interfering in the lives of everyone else.

If you are not willing to live this way on your own as a true believer, why make the rest of us suffer simply because you feel ‘something has to be done’?

Start by doing all you can do (see the list above) and convert us by your lifestyle, behavior and faith in AGW not through force of law.

You can tell a man’s heart by where they spend their money and their time.

If you don’t really believe it, why should we?