Pawlenty Now Officially Running for VP

(or “Tim Pawlenty doubles-down on wimpy”)

That’s my take on his attack on Michelle Bachmann:

I actually agree with much of his criticism in terms of her experience and I value his executive experience.  However, instead of attacking #2 Bachmann, he should be aggressively attacking #1 Romney and our current disaster-in-training: Obama.

This nation needs a rock-solid, no-apologies, take-no-prisoners, Conservative leader as POTUS.

If Pawlenty is a genuine Conservative, he is ideologically much closer to  Bachman than Romney.  He should be working to push the debate against Romney’s moderate streak, RomneyCare and Obama.

Priority #1 should be working to undermine Romney’s title of presumptive frontrunner – the longer Romney can hold that title, the more likely he is to win the nomination.

Then, after de-throning Romney, he and Bachman (or whoever is left standing) can then battle it out for #1 with the end product a nominee who is still more Conservative than Romney.

Instead, Pawlenty is working to undermine a fellow Conservative, which absolutely diminishes him in my eyes as a candidate and makes me think he’s now positioning for the role of VP.

I suppose one could say he is ‘strategerizing’ his way into the #2 ranking so as to better take out Romney, but I don’t see it that way.  I see it as a desperation measure to still be seen as relevant.

Unfortunately for Pawlenty, he now comes across as a wimp who didn’t have the face-to-face courage to follow through on his initial attack on Romney but has now (finally) mustered just enough courage to pick on a girl.

Score: Pawlenty 0, “The Girl” 1.

Adios Tim – you just lost my Primary vote.