Rangel on Debt: "What would Jesus do?"

(via Drudge) http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2011/07/08/religion-rangel-and-debt-ceiling

“Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., called out for his fellow lawmakers and all Americans to do “the Lord’s work” as a solution to fixing the debt ceiling.”


“These are not political questions,” Rangel asserted. “These are moral questions.”


Rangel continues to ask, “what would Jesus do?”



Like most Liberals who claim the a la carte religious mantel, he focuses on the social charity aspects of the Christian heart, while ignoring the injunction ‘go and sin no more’.

He would have the nation fall on its collective pocketbook in the name of the poor and the sick – a guilt trip.

Its the equivelent of the guy on the corner with his cardboard sign reading “Homeless, hungry need work and food”.

He wants your guilt to address his plight – a plight that has solutions available  should he wish to address the root causes that brought him to the corner.

Sure you sit there knowing he might truly be in need, but you can never tell.

You know in your heart any money given will go to drugs, booze or in the worst case, gas in his car that takes the fraudster back to his comfortable abode on the other side of town.

Regardless, you also know that any money given will only enable the continued behavior vs. solving the problem.

Yes, Jesus directed us to take care of the poor and sick.

The left eagerly seize these encouragements as permission to steal the wealth of others “for the poor”.

However, Jesus also came to make it clear that the sin-debt was real, that the debt had to be paid for and that forgiveness was contingent on both a penitent heart (proven by a genuine change of behavior).

The issue of moral debt was so serious, Jesus was willing – Jesus had to, in fact – make the ultimate sacrifice to pay that debt.

How appropriate that the topic is debt and Rangel brings up Jesus.  I suspect the irony is lost on the man.

Charlie Rangel is the hypocritical Pharisee whom Jesus condemned.

What would Jesus do Mr. Rangel?  Well, were he a politician, he would sacrifice his (political) life to ensure the debt was paid.

Thanks for asking, you viper.