Al Gore-Please run again. It's your turn.

Al Gore has opened the door for lefty criticism of President Obama on his environmental stewardship, specifically regarding Climate Change/Global Warming:


As Politico says “his open attack on Obama from the man who was once the next president of the United States makes it safe for others to follow.”  [italics added- they just can’t let go can they?]

This can only hurt Obama’s chances….so why would a good lefty do this (beyond the fact they don’t have an 11th commandment)?

Is there even a slight chance he will primary Obama?

Al…please run against Obama.  The potential entertainment factor of Gore vs. Obama in the primaries is impossible to calculate.

Imagine the lawyers!

Imagine the recounts!

Imagine the betting pools on who can save (or create) the most contested chads or who can raise the most dead voters!

America needs the morale boost that only something like this could bring.

C’mon Al..you can do it! You deserve a second term.