I don't care if you are re-elected

GOP Senator.  Congressman. Congresswoman. Governor. State Legislator. Elected official:

I don’t care about your polling.  I don’t care if you want to be re-elected.  I don’t care if you are defeated and have to rejoin the civilian world.

All I care about is that you fight the fight.  Work your a** off to decrease the size, scope, cost and intrusiveness of government. Help restore our freedom. That is why we put you in office.

Stand up and say what needs to be said.  Tell the truth to America.  Tell us we need to grow up. Tell us we need to rely less on government assistance.  The more we hear it the deeper it will sink in.   Call out the socialists and panderers and shame them in public for conspiring to steal our wealth and freedom.

Use all the tools in your parliamentary toolbag and the power of your office to kill bad legislation.  If necessary, buck your legislative GOP peers/leaders who will compromise with the enemy to flush this great nation down the drain.

Call them out in public, even if it earns you their enmity and criticism.  They are wrong for being weak and corrupted by self interest.

Although I don’t care if you lose your office, I will fight for you with money and time if you stand up and fight for us.

I don’t care if you are re-elected, because your willingness to stand with courage is the only thing that matters.  Courage begets courage from others.  Move the flag forward and, if you fall, another will step forward, pick it up from your hands and carry another few steps until we win.

Your principled stand will inspire not only your peers, but generations of conservative politicians who will follow behind you and fight on principle to do what is right rather than what is expedient.

We elected you to fight the fight and lead and make a difference.  Not tomorrow, not next election.  Now. Today.

Go out and lead.