Irony, thy name is 'Uncle'

The quote is innocuous enough:

“I am puzzled by intelligent people who stand by and allow their country to be taken over and run by extreme radical types,” Payne said. “I’m still somewhat puzzled by that. And I am fully aware that it could happen and has almost happened in this country. You know, I lived through the McCarthy era in the 1950s, when it was getting dangerously close to that sort of thing.”

Yes, this quote is only tangentially tied to my headline , the thrust of the article is another interesting topic altogether

Yes, he was talking about the German people allowing the Nazi’s into power and the holocaust and tying this into the McCarthy era and so on.

Yes, he’s a Democrat and not referring (or even considering) the current administration.

The Irony?

He’s Obama’s Great Uncle:

Obama’s Uncle: He’s Using Buchenwald for Political Purpose

I like to think of this as a geriatric twist on the old adage: “From the mouth of babes…”