On Kay Bailey Hutchinson

Erick’s Red Hot said No, John, Kay is not Acceptable.

As a Texas voter, I agree.

I think she’s a good (not great) Senator and may/may not be an improvement in the Governor’s mansion over Rick Perry, but her selection as VP will hurt the McCain campaign:

  1. She is Pro-choice. That will deflate the buzz in the social conservative ranks. We (many, not all) are lining up behind McCain knowing that America needs him to win as an Obama victory will be disastrous to social conservative goals. Choosing KBH as VP will make the choice between the two camps much less distinct for Social Conservative.

  2. We need a solid win in November to quash the ‘stolen election’ meme. If you see a squeaker I’m predicting riots in urban America. This election campaign is increasingly looking like a solid McCain win over the incredible lightness of the empty (Communist leaning, Terrorist supporting) suit. KBH on the ticket will move this back towards a very close win or possible loss.

  3. She’s been my Senator and has been competent, but not reliable on Conservative issues. Unlike Cornyn, I constantly get the impression that she votes on the Right side of issues reluctantly and only after sampling the air for direction and even then has to be nudged to take action. She is not a take charge leader in my book. Should McCain win – even after 2 terms – Hillary will shred KBH in any future campaign.

  4. I argued in a comment a few days ago Did I just step into “Bizarro” RedStatethat “slipping into” identity politics and choosing a woman -for this win only- would be ok, but only if the woman in question was prepared to run the ship. Sorry, I don’t see Kay as ready to lead this country.

Bzzzzzt. Next Contestant Please!