An Update on Global Warming

Given the non-stop barrage of Obama/McCain leading into the conventions the topic of Anthropogenic Global Warming has slipped off the radar screen for pretty much everyone.

This is certainly true for the MSM; caught in the throes of a leg tingling big “O”, they can barely stop their panting long enough to remind the public that we are all going to die –soon- from man caused global warming.

It is useful to remember that regardless of the election outcome, both candidates have signed on to the premise that the Earth is warming rapidly, we are to blame and something must quickly be done.

The media distraction from the Greatest Crises of our Time (can I trademark that?) shows plainly as the public has quickly shifted from fear and loathing to, at the least, a measured indifference.

From National Journal:

  • 47% (down 5% since last April) of Americans consider global warming an important issue to them personally.
  • 80% still think the planet is warming (down 4% since last year).
  • Only 25% (down 8% since last year) think global warming the biggest environmental challenge facing the world.

Key Quote: “but despite the overwhelming consensus that global warming is indeed occurring, doubt over the science behind the issue is still lingers strongly in people’s minds.” (bias emphasis mine)

  • 30% of respondents said they trust what scientists have to say about the environment “completely” or “a lot,”
  • 39% saying they trust them “a moderate amount”
  • 30% saying they do not trust them.

This is Good News for deniers and for citizens who still wish to steer the debate back towards good science and away from hyperbole and fear mongering on the part of the environmental left. It tells me that most citizens are not yet ready to drink the Kool Aid without at least asking what else is in the cup.

Now if we could just get Senator McCain on board with this line of thinking – after he swears into office, of course. We have an election to win first.