Erickson Takes Ethical Hiatus

I have been a devoted follower, believer, and reader of Red State for years. I have consistently scoured the site to read pieces that the main stream media often ignores.

Recently, I wish I had not. Up until now, I have always read Erick Erickson’s articles with great anticipation. Now, I’m saddened to see he has compromised himself.

His vitriolic piece against the GOP playing field struck me as stunning and shocking. Is Erik now advocating for Barack Obama?
It is almost laughable if it were not so spot on. His ability to take cheap and unfair shots at our roster only undermines our candidates and does nothing other than to alienate voters from beating Barak. We as Republicans may support one of the many candidates and may disagree on who to support. Having said that, we know Ronald Reagan counseled us to be mindful of the 11th Commandment and to never criticize fellow Republicans.

Did Erick miss the memo? Or did he try to damage Romney, Gingrich, or Perry with his misleading piece.

He attempts to make the case against any of these candidates and draws out why they can’t beat Barack. He has essentially added fuel to the fire for Democrats to a lack of unity and for allegedly one of our own trying to draw out possible flaws of candidates.

Since Erick attempts to shed some light on candidate’s flaws, perhaps it fair game we shed some light on how Erik has conducted himself:


Erickson Changed His Position On Supporting Insurgent Virginia Senate Candidate Jamie Radtke Because The Owners Of Red State Are “Huge Allen Friends.” “A leading conservative blogger and commentator, Erick Erickson, said he shifted his stance in a key Senate race because the company that publishes his RedState.com is ‘socially connected’ to former Virginia Sen. George Allen. Erickson told Allen’s challenger, Jamie Radtke, that he had to moderate his support for her because ‘my bosses are huge Allen friends,’ according to an email he sent earlier this month, which her campaign manager forwarded to POLITICO.” (POLITICO, 8/24/2011)

ERICK ERICKSON – “My bosses are huge Allen friends, not just fans. They are socially connected. So I’m having to tread carefully in this. Happy to help, but it’s got me in a difficult position. So please come and let me introduce you to people, but just understand that I have to be delicate for now.” (POLITICO, 8/24/2011)


Erickson Quit His Post As A Macon, Georgia City Councilmember Because He Received A Better Time Slot For His Radio Show

❖  In February 2011, Erickson Resigned His Spot On The Macon, Georgia City Council After Less Than One Term. “After serving less than one term, Erick Erickson is leaving Macon City Council for an earlier time slot for a radio show he began hosting last month. … He sent a resignation letter to Mayor Robert Reichert and Council President Miriam Paris, copied to senior city staff, Wednesday morning.” (Macon Telegraph, 2/17/2011)

If Erikson wishes to detail perceived challenges candidates may face in defeating Obama, I’d suggest he looks in the mirror and he’ll discover endless blemishes.

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