Wisconsin Senate Race - Eric Hovde: A Closer Examination

We have been carefully and closely watching this election cycle and have determined that these candidates are simply one size fits all and are replaceable.

Last cycle, the conventional wisdom on races flew out the window with blue states turning red and red states that were on the fence staying red… driven mostly by tea party folks lining up at the ballot boxes in record numbers.

Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy stomping grounds, went red as did Illinois (Obama’s back yard) against strong odds.

As we turn our sights to this cycle, and recognizing the above with the successful – Fired Pelosi effort – we must now focus on Firing Harry Reid.

The pinnacle of all Senate seats, is none other than, Wisconsin. The Governor is facing recall and we may have seen the nation’s greatest civil demonstration, whether one agrees or not, this past year in Madison. As such, all eyes are on Wisconsin.

We have seen Governor Thompson get a luke warm response, or cold shower, from the party faithful and have seen others make noise about running.

Eric Hovde, seems to be the flavor of the month. A child of privilege, he inherited a family fortune and after college, has lived in Washington, DC for years. Until now, when recently returning. I’m a proud citizen of the badger state and their is no question, his family’s wealth spawns the state. He is the Republican’s answer to a Kennedy. However, what strikes me as peculiar is his charitable efforts overseas, and his lack of charitable prowess in his native state, during what many working families are considering dire circumstances.

With the clout of the conservative movement on fire, we need to use caution in viewing those of privilege as the answer.

My neighbors might be the guys who help make a part for a luxury car, or have farms that make cheese proudly, there is no question, Eric is someone who buys luxury cars and who eats cheese at his wine and cheese cocktail parties in DC and well, that frightens me. That spells defeat for us anxiously wishing to turn Wisconsin Red & Fire Reid!

For those who’d prefer Ms. Baldwin score the seat for Mr. Reid, then support people like Eric. We need real leaders, not those who dash in and spend money to buy a seat.

I encourage all of us to do our homework and to take a closer look. We have no room for error, the stakes are far too high.

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