Is Representative Walsh a Hypocrite? [Closed and annotated.]

The following story in the Chicago-Sun Times exposes a side of Congressman Walsh that really bothers me.  I know the house leadership is not happy with him for his “no compromises” stance on the debt issue, and I can certainly understand their frustration given the circumstances, but I actually don’t have a problem with his position.  What I do have a problem with is the fact that his actions in his personal life will completely undermine his credibility on this issue, and will ultimately make the entire party look bad.

I am sick and tired of the guys that appoint themselves as spokespeople for conservatives being total hypocrites.  In my mind there are very few things that a man can do that show low moral character than not take care of their kids.  The marriage not working out is one thing, but his persistent dereliction in child support is disgraceful.  I am sure there will be a hundred excuses from his team about why he couldn’t or shouldn’t have to pay, there always are, but the truth is a real man takes care of his kids regardless of the circumstances.

The following quote from the story is a pretty good summation of the issue, I encourage all of you to read it for yourself and come to your own conclusions about the Congressman.  In my mind guys like this hurt our cause more than the democrats.

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