Romney Team Right to Fight for Jobs

Romney and his team are doing exactly the right thing.  They are taking on Obama, and they are using the jobs issue to do it.  I dont know how long it will take the other campaigns to figure this out, but if they don’t start working the jobs issue like a prize fighter on the  speed bag then they may as well fold up shop and call it a day.

It should be clear to anyone that calls themselves a campaign professional that jobs are, and will be, the number one issue by a country mile in this campaign.  The candidate that establishes him or herself as the job creator in chief will win this election hands down.  Right now I have to give Romney’s team a lot of credit, he is staying on the jobs message, and he is playing it just right.

In tying the NLRB decision to Obama in a recent speech, he forced the White House to say that they had nothing to do with that decision. (see L.A. Times).  This puts Obama on defense, and has the added benefit of making him sound like he is against the actions of his own, union controlled, agency.  The fact that Romney was deft enough to criticize the union bosses in all this, without implicating the rank and file worker, shows a professional touch from his team that I have yet to see from any other campaign.

Personally I am not sold on Romney yet, but if anyone plans on beating him they better start showing that they have a team capable of doing it.  It is not all about the candidate.  Their teams are equally important in strategy and messaging, and right now team Romney is in a league of their own.