Pelosi a hypocrite and a liar on waterboarding


I fully realize that “hypocrite” and “liar” are strong words to be throwing around, and I don’t do so lightly. But I don’t know what else to call it when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, having spent the last 18 months throwing a fit over the supposed criminality of Bush administration interrogation techniques and how Congress was never told about the “atrocities”, is flat out contradicted by CIA memos indicating she was briefed as far back as 2002, and was told specifically about the use of waterboarding on Abu Zubaydah.

There are also more stories coming out that a top Pelosi aide also attended a CIA briefing on waterboarding. Michelle Malkin has the flashback video of Pelosi stressing that Congress never knew about waterboarding. But too many contradictions in the several CIA briefings held on the matter show her statements to be flat out false, and unless she’s utterly senile, Pelosi knows it to be untrue.

National security, quite frankly, is one thing you do not play political games with. Unfortunately, many saw an opening to damage Bush and the Republicans by attacking their tactics in the War on Terror, when in reality many had no problem with the tactics before and in some cases had given their support years earlier. The criticism, leaking of information, and threats of prosecution by those in power didn’t start until a political advantage was evident. And keep in mind that whatever short term political benefit that was gained is mortgaged against our long-term national security, as our intelligence community has now been deeply demoralized by the sudden attacks from above, and enemies abroad have been informed of our interrogation procedures and assured that we are less inclined to play hardball (unless you happen to be a shareholder in an auto company).

As for Speaker Pelosi, whatever credibility she once had ought to be torn to tatters at this point. After coming to her office promising the most ethical and bipartisan Congress in history, the legislature has been anything but. Pelosi, with the addition this latest revelation, has shown herself to be nothing better than a power-hungry politician willing to do or say anything, principle or security be damned, to achieve and maintain authority.

Cross-posted at Wellsy’s World.