Scraping Off Obama

The 2010 Elections may become known as THE YEAR OF THE SCRAPER.

On a recent long drive from Atlanta to Washington D.C. to Annapolis I noticed a trend. A significant trend.

Millions of Obama stickers, formerly stuck all over fuel efficient cars of all kinds, were missing.

Driving for over 600 miles the 4 of us noticed only 4 Obama stickers. 1 was of the mocking variety – the How is that Hopey Changey thing working out for you? – kind. So we only saw three.

Of the three – one was on the car we parked behind at 37th and O – outside Georgetown University. Which could be disqualified from our data since an Obama sticker was, not long ago, akin to a parking pass on many liberal campuses.

But nowhere on the trek was there even a smattering of stickers. No pod of Priuses driving too slow in the passing lane lined up like fuel efficient ducks straining to waddle up the hill.  Even the crazy people with a thousand stickers covering the entire back of their vehicles seemed to be missing the Obama sticker. (In this case a scrape may not have been used – but it simply may have been paved over by a sticker from another failed liberal cause.)

On the very same drive taken less than 90 days before, the Obama sticker were everywhere.

Women for Obama. Obama/Biden, Latinos for Obama, Hope, Change….the variety was endless.

While there are more scientific polls out there for sure – this one may be the most accurate reflection of the nation’s mood.

It is one thing to be swept up in the excitement of an historic election and slap on a sticker. It is quite another to find a tool, walk out to your car, and remove all evidence of your involvement in that historic election. This action – this choice to remove the evidence  – hints of embarrassment over making a public mistake.

To remove it you must first be aware that it is making you uncomfortable. Somewhere along the line an Obama bumper sticker has become the equivalent of walking around with your fly down. As soon as you are made aware of it – you fix the problem as clandestinely as possible. Zip and you are back to your normal role in society no longer quietly mocked.

For the Obama sticker removal process it is even tougher. You need a tool. A razor blade or a high quality scraper. A putty knife might do – but leaving a tell tale residue only will highlight you tried to remove it. This task will now take multiple tools and some solvent.  Quietly, at night in your garage you remove the offending adhesive. You have changed your car’s appearance and now hope to ease out in to traffic the next morning with out any friends or neighbors asking about the delicate deletion.

Replay this scene a million times. Pried from a Prius. Stripped from a Saturn. Vacuumed from a Volvo.

Drivers are voting with their scrapers and removing all evidence of their involvement with the current president. Of that twb is sure.

What does this mean?  It means the polls are only partially showing a portion of America’s dislike, disdain and distrust of the current administration. Approval and Disapproval is measured by Rasmussen and Gallup.

Absolute abandonment is measured by applying adhesive remover.

The net-net of this sticky situation? The bumper sticker poll is indicating loss of at least one house of congress and the trend does not look good for the non-scraping liberals.