Obama's Premise of American Failure

It has bothered twb for a while that something was missing from the Healthcare debate.

Tonight it hit me.  The entire premise of health care is we as citizens are failures. We are unable – in his mind to care for ourselves.

If he thought for one minute, Americans could care for themselves, the only change to Healthcare necessary would be to make it tax deductible.  The idea of allowing healthcare (and education) costs in their entirety from our taxes however, draws a terrible line – that is more scary than the healthcare monster.

This line – the line between “we need charity” or “we can take care of ourselves” is a big dark line.

Clearly the President believes we are not able to care for ourselves. Through his healthcare demand he has labeled us all non-self-sufficient failures. That is his view of America. It’s too hard. You can’t make it (with out my help). Don’t try.

That underlying message is sadly creating a self fulfilling prophecy.

If this President or any president wanted to truly help our healthcare he would incentivize us to work, work hard and keep more of what we earn.

The same goes for educating our children.

But there too – he believes we are incapable and irresponsible.

That view of America has to end.