Death To America

Death to America.<

With a series of back room deals the White House and the speaker of the house of representatives appear to have managed to push through a bill that is possibly health care reform. The bill – which does provide any aid or comfort until after the Obama Administrations first and possibly final term is over – will begin taxing the American people immediately. In addition – it will subtract from Doctors more from the limited compensation that now get from Medicare and Medicaid.  Expect more groups to join Walgreen’s in refusing new Medicare clients. Expect pioneers to start eliminating their Medicareclients.  Quite possibly – this is the Taliban and Al – Qaeda’s dream – Death to America.

I Told You I Was Sick
It is unlikely that the minority of American’s who pay taxes will be able to pull the wagon being loaded for them. We can expect the slow grinding collapse of the American economy – which is resting very lightly on Trillions in borrowed stimulus money. This is the beginning of the end for Doctors, Insurance Companies and quality advancements in medical care. It is the beginning of the end for those of us who work for a living – manage to be reasonably successful – and somehow make ends meet under the current tax burden.
Once again the most persecuted minority group in America remains the American Tax Payer.

Deader Than Kelsey’s Nuts.
twb has always loved this expression. It is final – in an uncertain world. It is permanent in a temporary world. It is lighthearted in a world that is sad, and growing sadder.
twb has discovered that there was in deed a true Kelsey. Further, twb is pleased to report that the expression has nothing to do with Kelsey’s Anatomy. The Kelsey – Hayes Wheel Company was based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and was regarded as the finest maker of wagon wheels in North America.
As Henry Ford grew Ford Motor Company – Kelsey was driven to move from wooden wheels to wire spoke wheels and finally on to steel wheels.
These Steel Wheels had nothing to do with The Rolling Stone’s 19th album – named Steel Wheels.
And it had even less to do with Steeler’s Wheel – who is never given the credit they are/were due for their hit song – Stuck in the Middle With You – which is often mis-attributed to Steely Dan – who while Steel in name are named for a marital aid and have nothing to do with automobiles, health care bills or nuts.
(twb stands awkwardly corrected, as a marital aid a true Steely Dan would actually promote the absence of nuts in the transaction.)

Kelsey’s Nuts as part of the expression “deader than Kelsey’s Nuts” grew to be a term of finality starting with their reputation for – of all things – safety. The original expression is “tighter than Kelsey’s Nuts” which morphed on to “safe as Kelsey’s nuts” to the final and more determinant “deader than Kelsey’s Nuts”.
All refer back to the security that a wheel anchored by Kelsey’s Nuts would remain fastened to a wagon or a car or a truck produced by Mr. Ford.

How ever the phrase got there – we can assume the American Health Care System is on its way to being “deader than Kelsey’s Nuts.”

And the horse you rode in on….


By clicking on the link above you will go to a Sydney Morning Herald story which includes some fabulous research and detective work.

It links two stories together – the first is that Warren Buffet, Johnson and Johnson, Proctor and Gamble and Lowe’s are among the bond issuers who are trading at yields lower than United States Treasuries of the same term and duration. There are two ways that a bond buyer can gauge what their risk is – a rating Agency can tell you – AAA is the highest and the yield compared to other issuers will tell you what the market thinks of your ability to repay. The higher the rate – the more wobbly the market sees your credit.
Add to that – the SMH’s  report that Moody’s now questions how long they can continue to give the United States debt instruments a AAA rating. With the loss of this rating all American issued debt will become more expensive. Along with it – your mortgage and car loan and credit card rate will all go up in cost.
(twb congratulates President Obama on historic mismanagement of America’s credit and credit rating.)

twb – Actually It’s Worse Than That.