How to Rise From The Ashes

We have lost the White House, we have lost Congress and we have lost our way. We can sit here and cry and point fingers at each other, or we can pick ourselves up and get back in the game. The Dems are now out on a very long limb. They have gotten what they have asked for but with a very great cost. They have elected leftists and are totally beholden to the radical left of their party.

We only have ourselves to blame for this. We allowed it to happen. We can fix it but it will take a change in attitude first. Let me explain.

In 2000, the dems had seen their grasp of power slip through their fingers with the election of George W. Bush. Instead of just accepting their defeat, they took action.

They went right after President Bush. From day one they refused to call him President. We only heard “Bush this” and Bush that.” Then there were the sloagans like “Bush selected not elected” or Bush lied and people died.” Lies and continually told but more importantly, no republican called them on it.Eventually, as Josef Goebels said, if you tell a lie often enough people will accept it as truth.

They continually say that the “Bush tax cuts” were for the rich. Another lie but again no republican response.

I think that we first have to rediscover our core values and wear them proudly on our sleeve. Never apologize for them. Like Ronald Reagan did before and Gov. Palin so eloquently did during the campaign.

Then we have to as Obama said to his followers, if anyone disagrees with you get in their face and argue. Everytime they say something that is not true about issues like the Bush tax cuts, then we need to call out the lie and the liar and say it loud and say it proud. By the way, personally, I will never call him president if for nothing else in response to the way President Bush has been treated these past 8 years.

More to come later….