The Real Story on H-1B visas

In Ron’s diary “United States of Ghetto – H1B Visas Decline Sharply“, he quotes visalawyerblog about some visa holders being turned away at Newark Airport.

Ron may not have gotten the USCIS memo about the 31% fraud and violation rate found among H-1B bachelor’s degree holders.  Ron goes on to say…

“H1B Visas are designed to attract just the sort of immigrant we want coming to our country.  Those with educations and productive skills who are real assets in making a contribution to our economy.”

This is not been the way the H-1B program has been working in Computer related occupations, the largest receiver of H-1B approvals by far.

From 2004-09, IT employment grew by 602,000. New H-1B initial approvals in Computer related occupations was 315,249 or 52.4% of employment growth, similar temporary foreign worker categories likely raised the temporary foreign worker percentage to above 80% of employment growth. Over a similar period (2003-08), there was an abundance of new IT workers, as U.S. Citizen/Permanent Resident degree production exceeded demand at over 757,000 degrees conferred.

Additionally, Computer related occupations (IT), receives the vast majority of undergraduate (bachelors) level workers. 

Of the 56,000 IT related H-1B visas granted in 2006, 55% of these new H-1B holders were undergraduates (31,000).  Sixty Six percent of all (47,300 total) undergraduate H-1B initial approvals in 2006 were in Computer related (IT) occupations.  All other occupations combined only received 16,300 H-1B undergraduates.

In fact, according to the Office of Employment Stastics (OES), business only created 2,360 new IT positions that require a postgraduate degree in the last six years. H-1B visa: Impact on Computer-related Occupations 2009

Engineers have it even tougher…

Engineering degrees awarded to U.S. Permanent Residents and Citizens.
Extrapolated from the American Society for Engineering Education data, “Engineering By the Numbers” Michael T. Gibbons http://www.asee.org/publications/profiles/upload/2006ProfileEng.pdf

DOCTORAL DEGREES 1999-2006 = 23,257
MASTERS DEGREES 1999-2006 = 155,298
BACHELOR’S DEGREES 1999-2006 = 685,007

(1999 – 2006) BLS – OES Engineering Employment Growth = 298,820

 Even one fraudulent H-1B is too many in this economy.

Finally, here’s a sobering statistic:

A very simple calculation reveals that the working age population (16 through 64), increased by 22 million in the first decade of the 21st century; employment growth for the decade was only 1 million jobs in the working age population. Total employment growth for the decade was only 3.2 million, two thirds of total employment growth went to persons 65 yrs. and older. Employment Growth vs. Population Growth by Decade:

 Has anybody stopped to think about the fact that the workers, whom H-1B foreign workers are crowding out, are the people most likely persons to be servicing a home mortgage?