A Letter to the National Republican Senatorial Committee

You clowns still don’t get it!

Obama is the best thing that has happened to America in many years.  He has shown us the face of evil and of socialism.  He has drawn our attention to what is going on in Washington, and We the People have had all we are going to take.  We are going to take back our country, and guess what?  There is nothing you, or anyone else in Washington, can do about it. 

You think We the People will vote based on the letter behind a candidates name, and that you can choose that candidate.  Those days are history, and most of you are history too!  You have allowed bills to pass that were detrimental to our country, which you could have filibustered.  You have allowed far left Justices to be appointed to the Supreme Court whom you could have filibustered.  Yes, you have chosen to represent the elite in Washington rather than the people who sent you there.  You are a disgrace to America and to our founding principles.

Within minutes of her win in Delaware you announced that you would withhold support from Christine O’Donnell.  Big mistake!  Our fellow patriots in Delaware have selected their candidate.  What makes you think you have anything to say about it, or that you are her only source of support?  Don’t be surprised when your contributions begin to dry up.  You may be able to control a few fat cats, but we number over a hundred million.  If you will not support our candidates, we will support them ourselves rather than supporting your committee.  Beginning now, our money will go directly to the candidates of our choice.  You can no longer be trusted.

You need to read the Constitution as modified by the 17th Amendment.  We the People have the constitutional right to elect whomever we see fit.  There is no requirement that our contributions be filtered through committees, pacts, or any other organizations.  Nor is there any requirement that we support the candidate of your choice.  You have ignored the Constitution long enough.  We the People intend to enforce it!  In the future every one of you will be judged by your actions and by your vote.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just about Christine O’Donnell.  It’s about you and your arrogance.  It’s the height of stupidity to believe you can pick and choose who you want in congress, then ram that person down our throats.  Those of you who hold that attitude will soon find yourselves on the outside looking in.

Nancy Pelosi proved unwilling to drain the swamp, so it is necessary for We the People to drain it ourselves. We will be watching closely between now and 2012 to determine which additional swamp rats need to be eliminated.  Those remaining after 2012 will be eliminated in 2014.  Get ready for a new day and a new era.  We are taking back our country and those who refuse to stand with us will be history.  This nation was founded by statesmen.  We don’t intend to have it run by sleazy politicians.

We will not make the mistake of creating a third party.  We will take over the Republican Party and return it to its roots.  You have no source of funds, or votes, except from We the People.  If you refused to support our candidates you will find yourself without funds to support any candidate. 

Oh, and have a nice day.