Stay of execution for California taxpayers?

With this gang of crooks in Sacramento, I don’t want to get my hopes up. But we haven’t had a vote yet on the massive tax hikes that Schwarzenegger wants to impose on Californians. The leftists wanted a vote today.

California already has the highest income taxes in the nation and the highest sales taxes in the nation. Schwarzenegger and the Democrats want to raise them even higher to pay for their irresponsible spending. And car taxes. And gas taxes. Schwarzenegger wants to stomp on the throats of downtrodden Californians in the worst economy since the Great Depression.

The balance of power lies with Republican legislators, who signed “no tax” pledges to get elected, but are now waffling and apparently inclined to vote for Schwarzenegger’s and the Democrats’ huge tax increases.

The fact that the vote hasn’t happened yet is a tiny sign of hope. If there was ever a time to call and scream at your California legislators, it’s now.

UPDATE: RINO whores still batting eyelashes at state employee unions, well into the night.