Is Anybody Worried About the Grant Park Victory Party?

The City of Chicago expects between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people in the City’s lakefront Grant Park for Obama’s “victory rally”. Judging from people I have been talking to in the Chicago suburbs where I have been poll watching, it could be a good deal more than than. The Mayor has told anyone without a ticket to show up anyway. Is anyone as worried about this as I am?

The ideological core of these folks are the same aging hippies who rioted in Grant Park for the Democratic Convention 40 years ago. If Obama wins, maybe there will only be a few smallish incidents akin to what might have happened if the Sox or Cubs had won the World Series. But if McCain pulls it out, or even if it is a long night with rumors of fraud and voter intimidation by those evil GOP operatives, everything is going to be up for grabs.

The combination of Dem paranoia, hatred of all things Republican and capitalist, massive disappointment and leftist ideology (along with various legal and illegal intoxicants) will bring out the worst from the worst.

The fact that Obama went ahead with this rally demonstrates his lack of judgment, and his overwhelming ego.