Why we should not vote for Newt Gingrinch...

Before this election cycle I just had not given much thought to Newt Gingrinch.  I never dreamed he could win a Republican primary because I never dreamed conservatives would vote for him.  I think people have forgotten just what Newt Gingrinch has done.  What people have done in the past is a valid concern when considering what they would do in the future.

Sure, Gingrich is a smooth speaker.  Obama is too.  Everyone wanted to give Obama a chance.  Are we to turn a blind eye to Gingrinch’s record?  The same speaking skills that thrill some conservatives now will grow old and become wearying just as Obama’s skills have become wearying.

Adam Graham at Pajamas Media today has posted a very good article, “Four Reasons Why Conservatives Should Think Twice About Gingrinch.”   http://pjmedia.com/blog/four-reasons-why-conservatives-should-oppose-newt-gingrich/?singlepage=true