Against All Odds

Last year I rented from Netflix a series of videos entitled “Against All Odds:  Israel Survives”.  I only had time to watch the first dvd but it made a lasting impression on me.

The first episode was about an incident in 1973.  A group of soldiers were crossing a field at night when they discovered that they were in a minefield!!  They began the slow, deliberate process of searching for mines using their bayonets.  The chances that they would be out of the field by daybreak were next to zero.   A miracle happened.  The weather changed and a strong wind blew.  It was so strong that it blew until mines buried 30 cm. deep were all exposed.  The wind died down. They were able to walk out of the field unharmed.

After watching this I sat down and wrote out a prayer for my family that I have prayed many, many times:

Dear Lord,  Cause the wind of Your Holy Spirit to blow upon the circumstances of our lives to expose the “mines” hidden by our spiritual enemy, Satan, and guide us safely through this life.

I like 2 Samuel 22: 34  “He maketh my feet like hind’s feet:  and setteth me upon my high places.”

In taking up the personal challenge of praying for our country and this election cycle I will use it too.

Dear Lord, Cause the wind of Your Holy Spirit to blow upon all the circumstances of this Republican  primary to expose the “mines” we cannot see and guide us safely through unharmed.