Perry's Energy Plan will work.

Many things are happening on the energy front.  Recently I was reading in a newsletter I subscribe to about Poland.  The Poles and the Russians hate each other.  You would need to read the history of their relationship to understand just how deep this hatred is.   The Russians have been able to keep their fangs in Poland because they supply Poland with natural gas.  They import 2/3 of their supply from Russia.  There is wonderful news though…the US Energy Information Administration estimates that Poland may have the highest recoverable shale gas reserves in Europe-5.3 trillion cubic meters.    These reserves can be recovered with the new fracturing  technology.  This will mean freedom for Poland.  The gas rush is on.

Perry’s energy policy would be the smartest thing to do.  It would not need to go through Congress.  In his first 100 days in office he could open up so much.

Recently,  I learned from of friend of  my daughter who lives in Alberta, Canada  that there is a shortage this year of workers for 70,000 jobs.  These are mostly in the oil business.  They need 70,000 workers.