My Letter to Mr. Boehner

I just sent this to Boehner. We ALL need to let him know how we feel about this upcoming CR vote. It’s now or never for Liberty.

Mr. Boehner,

I am writing to you as a Republican and as a Conservative. I am appalled that you are considering even voting for the 3rd CR that includes funding for Obamacare. It is not enough that you put forth a vote to repeal this unconstitutional law. It is not enough to give lip service to saying that you will attempt to de-fund it through the budget process. YOU MUST STOP IT IN IT’S TRACKS NOW with denying the CR and allowing the government to shut down if necessary.

You were voted into power by the people. Conservatives, moderates, independents – all said enough is enough. Obamacare, the reckless spending, additional job-killing taxes. All were rejected in November. Now, the fact that Republicans in Congress are considering allowing Obamacare to move forward AND that raising taxes on the American people as a way to reduce the deficit is an affront to everything we have worked for over the past two years. I implore you and Mr. McConnell to stop pandering to the trap the Democrats are setting for you. CAN YOU NOT SEE IT? They are salivating over the prospect that you are giving them ammunition to discredit our party. YOU MUST STAND AGAINST IT, or face losing all we have gained. You will hand the Liar-in-Chief a second term and possibly  lose control of Congress yet again. If this happens, we will never get any of these three entities back under our control – the control of the people.

I hope and pray you will stand fast for our nation. The signs of socialism, Marxism and communism are all around us. This is your defining moment in history. Stand on your feet now, or we will be on our knees in a matter of years.

Praying for you and the leadership,

Will Beddingfield
Patriot for Liberty