The Bamboozlement of America

OK…so, the Liar-In-Chief gets up and has the audacity to say that Republicans are attempting to “bamboozle” the American people into believing what they have to offer the country is better than the socialist policies of the Obama regime. So, what would he classify his entire campaign from 2007 to the present? An accurate representation of factual statements? The only bamboozling going on is the thick layer of manure the “president” is laying down on the American people.

In constant campaign mode, he continues to assault the truth with his smoke and mirrors tactics. It is Mr. Obama who has bamboozled the American people into believing that he was going to create jobs, turn the economy around and enter our nation into a new era of hope. What a joke.

He can fool people once. But he cannot fool them twice. The people who fell for his rhetoric and his continuing campaigning against the Republic have woken up to an America they hardly recognize. He has demonized the highest office in our land with the petulant ramblings of a three year old (I know, I have one). The only people he has left in his corner are those who will vote for him simply because of his race and the recipients of his tax-payer funded welfare system. Guess what, Barack – there are more of us than there are of them!

2012 – cannot come soon enough!