New Financial Law Blocks Freedom of Information

“So this is how liberty dies…”

A quote from the third Star Wars movie fits nicely here. The new Financial “Overhaul” Bill gives the SEC powers to deny ANY request for records dealing with ANYTHING they deem not worthy of said request. This flies in the face of the Freedom of Information Act as well as the supposed promise by this increasingly defiant administration to be more “transparent” in the government’s processes.

Lie after lie after lie – this is the mantra of a White House attempting to radically alter the Constitution of the United States and of the Peoples’ ability to trust in it. The Progressives have gradually, through evolution, created a stealth “revolution” that is anti-liberty, anti-free speech, anti-capitalist, anti-religion and anti-American.

Despite the administration’s attempts to distract from the obvious, the People are seeing exactly how socialist this supposed “president” really is. It is shocking to see his associations with radical socialists, communists and ultra-liberals while all the time he is saying, “I am not a socialist”. The truth, sir, lies within the actions, not the words.

Never before have I ever listened to the supposed leader of the free world, and not believed a single syllable uttered from this mouth. He has trained us to not believe him. It is his own doing. It is NOTHING conjured up by, what he believes, is the right-wing media. You can see it for your own eyes and listen to it with your own ears. The man is a left-wing ultra-liberal who lied his way into the most prestigious office in the world. Now, he is destroying the very institution of our nation’s governing body, our courts and the prosperity of our people. He will stop at nothing until the end game is accomplished. WE MUST STAND IN HIS WAY. Better to stand now on our feet than to be brought to our knees when our rights have been torn away from us.

No matter what your affiliation – Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Tea Party – we MUST UNITE under the Constitution and the freedom it gives, or risk losing it all. I say this for my family, my future and the country I love. Our voices will be our ballots in every election until these socialists are defeated and never again allowed to destroy our nation as they have to date.