Sarah Palin endorses Kelly Ayotte in NH.

From today’s Concord Monitor.

This is good. This is good indeed. New Hampshire Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte was endorsed by Sarah Palin last night.

“It’s my honor to endorse a Granite State ‘mama grizzly’ who has broken barriers, fought off and locked up criminals, and battled all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to protect the rights of New Hampshire parents – and won!”

While I’m not sure how many people actually rely on endorsements to make up their minds on candidates, this should help shore up any wavering conservatives. You can count me in as one of those wavering conservatives. I like Ovide Lamontange. However, he stands no chance in the primary and having the conservative vote split would usher in one of the RINO’s like Binnie or Bender. Neither one is acceptable. We in NH saw the results of splitting the conservative vote in 2002 when we had a field of good conservative candidates and ended up with Jeb Bradley as our representative.

The statement from Paul “Canada” Hodes campaign is delightful:

“So do we hope Sarah Palin comes to campaign for Kelly Ayotte? You betcha.”

We really hope she comes here as well. Judging from Sarah’s record in endorsements, we’ll take it. I’m more interested in seeing if BHO comes to NH to campaign for Paul Hodes.