Are we guilty here of "Politics as Usual"

There’s a general theme running through the Republican ranks that we will vote for whomever the nominee is because it will be better than Obama.

How many of you have waffled between one candidate and another over the last months as the playing field slowly thins?  Are we victims of political elite maneuvering to maintain status quo by supporting a candidate that both parties are  happy with because it means “politics as usual”?

That is my fear.  As a constitutional conservative, I can’t be satisfied with politics as usual.  And most here would agree with that.  The left leaning right, combined with the left will continue to inch us closer to financial ruin with little attention paid to the obvious signs of what’s in store for us if we do not change the fiscal course we are on.  It’s clear that all politics on the hill right now is focussed on maintaining status quo.

Constitutional conservatism is the answer to both the left and the right’s cries for justice.  Reestablishing faith in our Constitution will protect both the rights of individuals and the sentimentalities of Americans wanting to help the less fortunate.  It will lift our international economic status so far above all other’s that there can be no doubt of what a free nation, underpinned with a unique blueprint for governance can do to ignite the irresistible attraction to personal excellence.  Let us flush out whom that candidate is.