Troops In Africa... No Really

Is it just me or does anyone else around here believe that sending U.S. troops to Africa is insane?  While debate about the move hasn’t hit mainstream, it struck me that there should be an outcry against this decision so loud as to silence the protests on Wall Street and bring the Super Committee out of it’s back-room trading.

I was one of the military troops committed to train, kill and right the wrongs committed in other countries that are perceived to be a threat to American’s national security and interest.  I’d do it again if I believed it was necessary. Originally, I thought it was.  But, those experiences sparked a journey to rediscover the Constitution and founding principles of this great country.  I believe now that the more we ignore the Constitution in the name of what is “right”, the less we are free as a people and the poorer will become in every way.

Just like the Warren Buffets of the world, as an American, you are fee to give more in taxes.  No one is keeping you from it.  And, as an American you are free to go to another country and join the fight you believe is the good fight for freedom and democracy.  Nothing is stopping you.  Why doesn’t Warren Buffet pay more in taxes and why don’t more people volunteer to fight the despots of the world? I know in WB’s case it’s because he isn’t stupid.  I hope in the case of the average American it’s because there are not that many stupid people in this country.  Though there isn’t much evidence to support the latter from where I’m sitting.  One should always think twice before they spend money or put themselves in harms way FOR ANY REASON.  So should a government.  One could make the argument that our government does, but are there really that many here that believe it?

I am not advocating ignoring the evils of the world.  But knowing our limitations and making sound, sane judgements about what we can and should be doing is essential in insuring that a truly free people remains so.  African?  Africa?  Really?

We need a debate on this that highlights the relationship between our Constitution, our government’s domestic and foreign policy and how those policies continue to erode the standard living in all corners of our society.

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” – George Washington –