More Innuendoes that Rick Perry's In!

After reading an AP article by Chris Tomlinson that Rick Perry continues to imply he is going to join the race.  The article itself excited feelings of hope in me as it outlined Perry’s apparent core values.  In the last month or so, I’ve been holding out contributing to any candidate’s campaign though strongly tempted to help MB.  If Perry enters the race, he will get 100% of my support.  While the mainstream Republican party appears to be backing Romney, and if he winds up being “the” selected candidate I will have no choice but to support him.  However, Perry mirrors my values regarding just about everything from State rights to abortion.  Ironically, I was born in Texas but never returned to live after being discharged from the Marine Corp. in California.  Now that California has deteriorated into a classic nanny state and my business is on life support, if I can’t manage to keep the doors open, Texas has been eyed as a likely place to migrate.

As a litmus test of the RS members, let us know your thoughts on the subject now that the race is starting to shape up.  I know other diaries have broached the subject, so lets try to keep this focussed on the subject of core values and Perry’s likely run.