On the Issues and Extreme Couponing

The first diary I see when I logged on this morning was about extreme couponing (apparently banned as spam).  And I thought to myself “what a coincidence”.  I had dinner with family friends last night who had recently started extreme couponing.  They proudly displayed their stuffed pantry purchased for $4.18.  I was shocked to find that it was a growing trend and took notes.

If we are going to open the conservative “tent” to accommodate the fledgling conservative awakened.  Some people here need to come off their high horse.  Even if the diary warranted being deleted, it did have a significance to our cause and didn’t deserve the negative comments from those mounted on their stately steeds overlooking the posts made on this site (I apologize in advance for that condescending phrase, I really do respect this site and most who post here).

There is a connection between extreme coupling, current economic times, the changing geopolitical face of the world as well as our collective futures and fortunes.  Anyone here that doesn’t see that connection and its importance to the coming elections is truly disconnected from mainstream America.  Perhaps rightfully so considering that it seems mainstream American’s tendency to be “A-Political” plays into the progressive hand.

In that respect, perhaps a discussion on the subject can commence.

My two cents…