History Repeats

Recently I read an article by Victor Hanson Davis (a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution) on the National Review On-line Website entitled “The World Turned Upside Down, Again”. A well written and relevant piece correlating today’s international affairs to history. I highly recommend its reading to anyone interested in a capsulated history lesson communicated with wit and humor.

The article holds particular relevance to me as I am convinced that today’s economic woes are the modern day version of the Great Depression and the events that unfolded shortly after 1929 mark a strikingly similar resemblance to events developing today. Not the least of which is the consistent underestimating of the ingenuity and resilience of the United States, which strikes a hopeful tone at the end of the article.

It took me on a journey through my life of the last 40 years that ended with me sitting on my couch hammering at the keyboard to post this diary. Like most young Americans 40 years ago I was blissfully ignorant of the workings of the world, personal, public and international politics and wanted to be left alone to pursue the American Dream.

My first lesson in international affairs came with a stent in the Marine Corp. visa a life changing experience in Vietnam. Coming back to the states, plopped back into society left to cope with the philological impact of modern transportation’s ability to take a middle-class American youth from an idyllic life of plenty, to one of hopelessness and despair and back again in the blink of an eye.

To genuinely make a long story short, there in lies the beginning of my political awakening to all things in human affairs. Until then, surfing, music, women, wine and fun was my world. I tried desperately to fit back into that world upon my return. It was not to be and my efforts to understand the world I live in have resulted in a broad spectrum of political views distilled to only one today, the Constitution.

Mr. Hanson’s article telegraphs in plain language how history’s undeniable repeating cycle is visible in today’s events. Not the least of which is the comparison of Germany’s role in international affairs over the last 140 years. It’s a fascinating but short read, and I encourage those here interested in such correlations of currently unfolding events to read it. After which perhaps returning to this diary for a lively and hopefully stimulating but civil discussion on our collective futures and the upcoming elections. Why they are as Mr. Gingrich has indicated that they are the most important elections since 1860.

Feel free to comment and I will participate in the discussion if there is any interest in drawing more detailed comparisons of the geopolitical face of the world today and how it will surely change in the not too distant future.

I have started this diary to flush out in not so broad a stroke as Mr. Hanson, the real reasons we need to return to Constitutional governance and the ultimate impact on our lives if we don’t.

Regards to all and here’s to a hopefully informative and educational discussion.