The Rant Turned into a Diary

I was asked to post this rant which was a response to Hunter’s post concerning not having sufficient clout to be aggresive in the telegraphing to our leaders that they are being watched.  The Diary of that discussion is “Republican Austarity” for those interested.

I don’t have the time to go back and clean it up so I apologize if you don’t get the reason for the statements, but you are welcome to read it if it will be of any value.

Here it is:

The White House

Wayne Sunday, April 10th at 11:29AM EDT (link)

has lost all of it’s credibility on the right, much of it’s credibility on the left, it is back stepping and regrouping constantly (the most recent example is Eric Holder’s turning over Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to a military tribunal at Guantanamo of all places) and much to his displeasure (a pleasure to watch). All in a fruitless effort to convince the American people that they are not in fact “stupid” (Libya = Waterloo for Obama just another example). We have the White House and Senate scared, ineffective and confused (from the fear of what has happened in the House. Period! Democrats in the Senate and those remaining in the house are running scared of the potential collapse of their “gains” in the face of a waking American majority.

The Tea Party is actively engaging in the same activist activities that sweep Obama into power. And, all reporting indicates much more successfully. Even the median is confused about how to report the Tea Party from a propaganda POV because it infiltrates every denomination of political and social circles. If you haven’t already, then go to a Tea Party meeting near you and you will see what I am talking about.

The myopic paradigm you have expressed is a weakness we cannot afford. We have the high ground! Now we pursue the enemy until we utterly destroy their chances to reduce the quality of life that is our right to pursue unfettered by government interference. A quality of life that has been lost for most average Americans (and may not be possible to regain in face of the federal debt). It’s really our children and grandchildren’s future we are fighting for. We created this problem, and now it’s time to face it. Unflinchingly, with dignity and resolve.

The political “pragmatism” you are encouraging is wise council, but unnecessary in light of the grassroots uprising sweeping the nation. Even the Unions, State and Federal employees are not immune from the influences of the Tea Party. I have first hand knowledge and experience in meetings where many have been present. I have spoken to many of them myself and found them to be as concerned about the direction our republic is shifting as we are. They are Republicans, Democrats and Independents. But they are too scared of reprisals to “come out”. They are sympathetic, encouraged and engaged in reversing our course even if it means being silent supporters.

None of this doesn’t mean that we can’t conduct ourselves in a civil and respectful way. It does however, mean that we do not have to be afraid to take advantage of our gains. Socialist and marxist infiltrating our government can not do so with impunity. And, that large corporations influencing policy for profit should be held accountable to the American people for their crimes of fraud and collusion to rob the treasury. Bringing them to trial and prison must be as much a part of our move to regain the Republic as capturing the Senate and White House. Not by “Republicans” alone, but by truly patriotic Americans that are living the consequences of generations of progressive policies and thinking. If there is such a thing as Conservative Democrats, they will be the one’s to remain. Remember that the Republican party today looks very much as the Democratic Party did in the 50’s.

Make no mistake, this is something big! Sides are being chosen and it will be important to know which side one stands as the economy and our position as the world’s only true free democratic super power are undermined from the top down! More Americans are learning the truth about what is going on in this country and the world economically every day. And, as that knowledge grows so does our ability to wrench control of our destiny from the Statist progressives that threaten the most successful social experiment in human history. If we don’t act as one powerful and united force, we will all be subjects of the state rather than individual citizens in a free nation.

It’s the Constitution we at the Tea Party are “preaching”, not radical Islam, or revolution, but pure, simply, time tested rules for government by and for the people. We are educating those that have been living the American dream to learn the principles that created it for them and appreciate the lives sacrificed to protect it. Everyday citizens that have been too preoccupied with making a living as “independent citizens” to see the forces at work against them. Forces driven by self-service and greed. Distorted class nepotism insidiously eating away at the Constitutional protections afforded us by the founding fathers. John Adams said that Democracy is destined to commit suicide from within. That is why we are a Republic first and a Democracy second. Or, more accurately “Democratic Republic”.

All this is why we do not need to be afraid to let those “leaders” know we are watching. It should instill fear in them and insure continuing down the path we are turning this behemoth. Though it is too late for many, they will still join the fight!

I apologize for this passionate rant, but your post, stirred something deep in me!

My two cents…”