We all have a responsibility to America?

Brady Dennis wrote a piece in the Washington Post yesterday that I forced myself to read.  I felt like I was back in grade school being reeducated on how to run my business.  In watching the video clips the Post selected to accompany the article I was provided a road map of basic rules to follow with my instructions to meet my responsibilities to America.  Now as a professional in the engineering profession I thought I knew how to read a road map, but lost my way before taking my first step.

As I write this, I have the unique distinction of being an employer that robbed his savings to continue to employ workers that had no work.  Not real work, but work that I managed to come up with to justify their employment.  It cost me my marriage, my house, my savings.  I wish that I could say that it was an altruistic inspiration to sacrifice all I had worked for my entire career for the people that worked for me.  But, it was actually part of a hastily thought out business plan to save the company and prepare for the “recovery”.  It was a plan that has worked in four recessions.  It seemed sound at the time I came up with it, but hindsight is after all 20/20.

Unfortunately, what I’ve learned about the economy that we inherited is one of bureaucratic paper pushing that continues to have the real economy in a strangle hold and won’t let go until it is breathed its last breath.  It is actually the opposite of Mr. Obama’s speech, i.e., more paperwork, more roadblocks and less real goods and services that are not in the direct control of central governance.

I eventually gave way to reason and laid everyone off.  Moved into my office and started over.  That is a broad stroke of a life that I believe may be extreme for some who read and post here, but none-the-less one that may be a capsulated version of what’s really going on in American.  The American ingenuity that President Obama has spoke of in his many speeches is alive and well, but being applied to the ability to survive while he and his minions continue to misinterpret and perpetuate a misguided economic plan that will bring us to our knees (I feel as if I am already on my knees).  Everything looks up from my vantage point.

His speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was insulting to anyone that has run their own business in a free market and clearly understands what it takes.  Coming from a man who’s only experience in running a business is one that enables him to print his own money and create a nearly endless supply of cash flow, I find it hard to give him much credibility.  Let him try to go out in the real world and apply for a business loan under an assumed name and see how far he gets.

I’d better stop as this is becoming a rant rather than an objective accounting of his speech.  You can find it here:


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I was going to post this in the “House Republicans Attempt to Extend “Stimulus” Trade Benefits” post by Russ Vough, but thought it would detract from his message.

My two cents….