Christina Aguilera and the National Anthem

Before I posted this I had to ask myself if this was a petty subject.  You can decide.

When Christina Aguilera sang the national anthem on national television yesterday she flubbed the lyrics to the national anthem.  It struck me that she had the unfortunate distinction of representing why this country continues it’s increasing economic and social decline.  These are highly paid professionals and the Superbowl is a high visability national event.  Is it a petty complaint to point out that we should expect a professional performance?  Forgetting the lines to the national anthem might be O.K. for a high school student at a local event, but not a highly paid professional on national television. And, lastly, has the American work ethic been so deminshed that we’ve come to expect mediocrity as the norm instead of the exception?

Petty or not, I was no less disappointed than the Jackson incident.  Were you, or did you even notice?