DON'T RUSH TO JUDGE The Republican's Actions

The Democrats political move to imply newly empowered Republicans actions on the first day of the 112th Congress were all bluster with little substance telegraphs their lack of understanding about the grassroots movement that swept them out of power.  It will continue to dilute the socialist agenda as more Americans educate themselves on the substance that has embroiled this country in an idealogical war of attrition with socialism and its not so distant cousin since the end of WWII.

To keep things in perspective, Americans that were not afforded the opportunity to learn through a proper education (either stunted by youth or the public school system) that in fact this war of ideas on government’s function in our lives lies at the fundamentals of the Constitution.  And, with the newly awakened (young and old alike) those values and concepts resonate to the core of the human spirit.

Republicans are not going to change how government works over night.  But what the Democrats are not understanding is that the Republicans are being watched as closely as the Democrats.  No one gets a free ride anymore on the political bandwagon.  All that do not uphold the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States will be gone in 2012, and the next batch will be gone in the ensuing mid-term if they don’t live up to the pledges made in the last election.  The Tea Party movement through grassroots by definition, is in fact the mainstream and functioning as a political education funnel through which more Americans will be afforded the opportunity to learn why this is the greatest country in the world.

Don’t rush to judge the Republicans actions yesterday as merely showmanship.   It isn’t “business as usual” in Washington, and they know it.

My two cents..