The Fight of Our Generation

We are rapidly approaching a time for a new revolution, not unlike the revolution that established this country and created the perfect conditions that led to the greatest nation in the history of our planet. The goal of the new revolution should be to reestablish the individual freedoms, religious freedoms, and the liberties which were guaranteed in our founding documents. These freedoms have been eroding by many years of inaction, and the time is coming when we will have to fight to win those freedoms back.

Our compass in charting this course is the actions of our founding fathers. They revolted against tyranny, taxes, religious oppression and burdensome laws of their former government. We will have to either do the same or suffer the consequences.

Unfortunately those who currently stand at the microphones of power, and are worshipped by the socialist members of media and elite society, are on a firm path to change our present form of government. Their idea is to replace our government and economic system with one that serves the lowest classes of society at the expense of the middle and upper classes. Cessna Citation liberals and media moguls are ecstatic at the popularity of their candidate in the 2008 Presidential election. They finally have a “horse to ride” into their twisted vision of the future. They are shouting the word “change,” but it is not the kind of change that we either want or need.

Obama and his financially endowed accomplices envision a future American culture which will have only two classes. At the top of the heap will be the ultra elite political establishment. Obama’s group has long despised the elite capitalist establishment, and they fully intend to replace the elite capitalists with elite government. We’ve seen how our present crop of politicians live above and beyond laws, beyond taxes, beyond social security, and beyond the encumbrances of normal life in our country. They have tasted this power, and they are moving our country in the direction of amassing even greater power for themselves. By our inaction, we are letting them do this. They will get richer and more powerful, and we will suffer.

The ultra elite politicos vision of their future is as an exclusive group that both governs and receives the rewards of our society. Their plan cannot be accomplished without removing capitalist leadership from society, which they are already in the process of doing. By turning larger and larger shares of the economy over to government control, they are pushing aside decades of capitalism accomplishment and replacing it with an ever growing number of major government programs. We are, in effect, becoming they type of socialist society that we fought against during the Cold War.

When the politico elites replace the capitalists at the top level of the upper class, where will that leave the rest of us? At that point in time, the only other class of society will be a single large homogenous group comprised of both the working and non-working ultra-poor, all of whom will equally share in the economic rewards of a small number of citizens who choose to work despite the systemic lack of reward for doing so. Let me explain.

The guiding principal Obama and his elite is something along the lines of: Why should anyone have two cars, when there are others who have none? Why should some people live in 4,000 square foot homes, when others have to get by on less than 1,000 square feet. Despite what Obama states in his carefully crafted speeches, he and his group fully intend to do all they can to “level the economic playing field,” and to take from those who have and give it to those who have not. This is not an allegation, this is their driving plan, and it’s what motivates them to win.

If Obama, Pelosi, Baden, Reid, the New York Times, CBS, CNN, and others get their way, our middle and upper classes will face burdensome taxation, oppressive business rules, impossible environmental penalties, out of control government spending, unprecedented growth of government, the loss of domestic labor, and disincentive to productivity in 2009. Who among us will continue to innovate, devise, invent, establish, build, manufacture, and sell, knowing that the rewards of our labor are destined to line the pockets of bureaucrats, non-participants, non-achievers and the like? How will the economy move forward if and when Democratic rule redistributes wealth at the expense of those in society who are most productive? And most importantly, who will create all the jobs after the economic machine of capitalism is dismantled and substituted with a blended version of big government and socialism?

If a new age of change is ushered in by an Obama presidency, it will not be the kind of change many Americans thought they were voting for. In his speeches he is extremely generous with all that he plans to give us from the government coffers. Excuse me, but is this the same coffer that has been in a continual deficit since 1969 and has amassed more than $10 trillion in debt? What are we thinking? There is nothing left for him to give us. We have already spent everything we had, and more.

Obama’s plan is totally self-serving, it is completely unsustainable, and it will not lead us in the direction we need to go. He is only right on one count, he does intend to bring change, but with Obama we are going to change from hope to despair. He’s the new Jimmy Carter, and with him in power we’re headed for tough economic times.

Again and again in 2008 the Democrats pushed forth the notion that they will pay the electorate for putting them in power, cash payment, nothing owed, and all for free. Unfortunately, we have now crossed a line where our population is voting more based on what kind of a handout they will receive than upon the character, integrity, beliefs, and record of those who are running for office. We don’t care what the candidate’s background is, we ignore whether they’re a liberal or conservative, we listen as the candidate speaks in wide expansive phrases that have no depth, and we are compelled to vote one issue and one issue only, our pocketbook.

We as the electorate have realized that we can vote money into our own pockets, even though none of the candidates can even begin to explain where all the mythical cash and government stipend will come from. Make no mistake, this new direction our country is headed is about power and corruption, and nothing else. Our liberal politicians are selling the equipment and the machinery of the family business, they’re throwing a gigantic party for all their friends, and our children and grandchildren are going to be left behind to pick up the tab. Where is the magical point where we will finally reach the breaking point? $20 trillion in federal debt? $100 trillion?

Today we have a great capitalist machine that creates jobs, creates income, and efficiently produces goods and services, and provides money to pay taxes. Four years from now what will that machinery look like? What we have today is worth fighting for. Will that still be true after four or eight years of income redistribution and the dismantling of capitalism?

It is true that there are evils in capitalism. Several dozen CEO’s per year are rewarded large amounts of money, golden parachutes, while their shareholders suffer. However, we make a mistake in thinking this is the rule, when it’s really the exception.

If you say the same thing over and over again then it seems like it must be true, and the Democrat’s ranting and raving about CEO fortunes causes some to think that the country is going to go down the drain unless companies and their leaders are restricted, penalized, and controlled. But at the same time that many highly visible Democrats loudly rail against a few capitalist excesses, they are quietly forcing millions of our tax dollars into earmarks to projects that directly benefit business that are owned by their family members, contributors, and close associates. Where is the corruption, really? Is it in capitalism or is it in government? I say it’s in both.

Unfortunately, the liberal media is only capable of bringing the spotlight to bear on the problems of the so-called evil companies, while simultaneously ignoring the antics of their darling politicians.

It’s no wonder that the Democrats see capitalism as evil, when a leader like Pelosi direct funds from her political action committee to her spouse’s real estate investment firm. Pelosi, and others like her, incorrectly assume that everyone else is just like them and is taking advantage of whatever power they have. Liberal’s assumption that corruption is universal leads them to believe that they should be in charge, because they will not be as corrupt as that other guy. This assumption also leads them to the incorrect conclusion that the government should be in charge of everything, control everything, and that government should be the ultimate benefactor for the people.

There’s a word for the type of society that Pelosi, Obama, and their comrades promote, and it’s socialism. We never hear that word because of the negative connotations associated with it, but it’s exactly the type of economic system they envision for our future.

Each of the two main economic systems, capitalism and socialism, has its downfalls, but only one of the two systems produces goods and services and creates wealth for all participants.

Trickle down is alive and well and creates prosperity for all in a capitalistic society, but wealth creation is stone cold dead in a government-centric socialist nation. When the government determines the production of goods and services, we end up with wasteful excesses like farmers being paid not to grow crops.

When capitalism is given the freedom to determine what is most profitable to produce, production is streamlined, excesses are eliminated, and the resulting competition drives prices to their lowest efficient levels. Rules must be in place to protect workers, preserve resources, and protect the environment, but businesses need to be free to choose what they produce, how much, and when and how to shift to new products that are in demand.

For those of us who understand what is at stake, it is time for us to step up and confront the national leaders who invent laws but do not obey them, make themselves wealthy at the expense of the taxpayer, and promote agendas that increase their personal power at the expense of the country.

It is time for us to fight to remove judges that pervert our three branch system of our government by ignoring the will of the people.

It is time for us to reject those leaders who despise the constitution they swore to uphold defend.

Let us not wait until there is nothing left to be gained, let us not sit on our hands and watch corrupt politicians move our money into the hands of their relatives and associates, let us reject the notion that votes can be bought with promises of government stipends, and let us take steps to ensure the roots of our nation and the liberties we have are protected far into the future.

If we approach this task with apathy we are doomed to fail, but with a spark of action each of us can light a fire that spreads.

What are we going to leave behind when we’re gone? Will it be a productive society and decreasing national debt, or will it be a society of the lethargic masses awaiting their salvation from the federal government? It’s time to step up, get involved, fight to take back the government that rightfully belongs to us, and to create a future where our children will be rewarded for innovation and hard work. Do it now, while we still have something worth fighting for.