Card Check Thugs Already "On The Waterfront"

So, with the news of “On The Waterfront” co-star Karl Malden’s death comes this interesting nugget from socialist central at DailyKos: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2009/7/1/748992/-The-American-Labor-Movt.-vs.-Andy-Stern

The diary is called “The American Labor Movement versus Andy Stern.” Stern, the chief socialist thug of the card check agenda and an Obama henchman who meets with the president every week, apparently has a union deep in debt after spending hundreds of millions of union dues on gaining power for himself, buying politicians and building a huge ego building for his union in DC.

The SEIU is in serious debt, and so expansion and more mass shakedowns are desperately needed. That’s why they want card check, but Stern is also raiding other unions to peel off their members. The big fight now that has all the other unions up against him is his raiding of the UNITE-HERE union of hotel workers.

But the real sweet part of the raid strategy for the SEIU is not just the toe-hold to try to compete for hotel workers and their due$, but apparently UNITE-HERE owns Amalgamated Bank, which Stern’s SEIU could raid to provide cash to help reduce its phenomenal debt. See, socialists don’t create value, they just suck the life out of other people or businesses that create value.

So, the whole labor movement is now starting to line up with guns at the back of labor’s biggest and most public, self promoting thug. And this is what Obama wants to turn over the fates of American workers to, without even a secret ballot. The Sopranos.