The Catholic Church, Obama's Brick-Wall

Recently Obama was given a wake-up call by the Catholic Church.  While in Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley  pulled Obama aside and whispered a few words in his ear and lo, and behold Obama comes out against the inclusion of publicly funded abortions in the health care bill.  Harry R. Jackson Jr. wrote a good article on Townhall.com (16 November 2009) titled; “Can Jesus be Blackmailed” in which he points out how the Archbishop of Washington pointed out to the DC City Council that for them to pass legislation that conflicts with the Catholic Church Doctrine would severely hamper the services they could provide to the city.  Members of the council accused the Catholic Church of blackmail, but who is blackmailing who?  The Catholic Church does not hide who they are and the DC City Council knows this.  They tried to usurp the Church and the Church said Jesus will not be blackmailed.  A similar case happened in Massachusetts where one of the best child adoption service in the state that was run by the Catholic Church was told they had to allow gay couples to use their services and the Church asked for an exemption based on their doctrine and the state said no. The result was that the best adoption service in the state closed it’s doors.  Jesus will not be blackmailed.  So it would go to say that the Catholic Church will not bend to abortion in it’s hospitals or other facilities funded by the Catholic Charities.  If we look at round numbers and what may have gotten  Obama’s attention we can understand why the “CHANGE”.  There are more than 600 Catholic health care institutions in the US that is about 12% of this countries health care system (source Catholics for Choice website) That means 1 in six Americans get their health care from a Catholic institution.  15.4 emergency room visits and 86 million outpatient visits.  If this health care bill proposed by Nancy Pelosi (a person who calls herself a devout Catholic) were to pass the Catholic Church would as in past cases follow doctrine and that means Jesus will not be blackmailed.  What does this mean?  The health care system would be crippled in this country, in fact it would be devastated. Now if you add to that Baptist and other faith based hospitals the consequences would be a national disaster.  Contrary to the cries of secular politicians that the Catholic Church is getting involved in politics, which is dead wrong, the Catholic Church is exercising an extreme display of compassion for the American people. While at the same time holding strong to God and Jesus Christ’s teachings.  Obama is dead wrong, this is a Christian nation and the charities from Christian faith based organizations have become Obama’s brick-wall that is fortified by the Catholic Church.  Jesus will not be blackmailed.