Book recommendations for the Conservative:

5000 Year Leap – This is the book that Ronald Reagan felt should be taught in every High School – which idea was squelched by Ted Kennedy.

It will help you understand American Free Enterprise. You’ll be able to defend it – you’ll be able to understand and explain why it is that 6 % of the humans on this planet can consistently produce and maintain 50% of the Earths developed wealth.

It identifies the principles and virtues that our founders believed in.

It identifies why:

  • Collectivism is wrong.
  • Federal supervision will always reduce our standard of living and productivity
  • The road to communism is through socialism

Liberal Fascism – This book identifies how socialism in America got its start. What the original American Progressives said and wanted.

It demonstrates that when the Left argues that Fascists are on the “right” – they are completely ignorant of what Fascism is, how it got its start and the types of groups that always support it – and none of those are from the “right.”

The American Classic Series – This includes the Real George Washington, the Real Thomas Jefferson, and the Real Benjamin Franklin.

These are men that served – not because they wanted to gain power, or acclaim, or even wealth – they served because they were needed. When the time came that they were no longer needed – they stepped down. They knew that America was greater than them.

Then, as we inform ourselves, I agree with Glen Beck when he enjoins us to:

“Do your own research. Do your own homework. Know what the truth is. And only spread the truth because there’s going to be a lot of half truths that are spoken and you’ve got to know who to count on. Let people be able to count on your word.

Don’t make the mistakes — and again this is hard because this is not what we’re being trained to do. Don’t make the mistake of calling people who disagree with you un-American. They are not un-American. They just disagree with what America should look like.

You reeducate them on what our country means, what it has meant. . . . Don’t call them anti-American because it only polarizes us more. Some people have just been duped. Some people just don’t know. Most people just [haven’t been exposed to the truths of our founders]. Really? That can’t be true. Yes, it is. So help them.

Don’t waste time on those who are dead set. Know exactly what they are doing because there are some Progressives that really do want to have a socialist system. Well, that’s fine. They are not un-American. They just view America a different way, and we are on opposing sides.”

Emphasis mine