Big Brother and the Duck

George Orwell was right, but he was off by 30 years.

In the novel 1984, Orwell described a police state where adoration of the leader, Big Brother, was the only worship allowed, where constant surveillance of speech ensured everyone conformed to state policy in word and deed, a constantly changing belief system defined who the enemy was this week, history was rewritten to edit out those who had fallen afoul of the authorities, those who had a bad thought or incorrect word would be brainwashed, and words themselves were given new meanings to conform to current approved thought.

Now look about you as 2014 dawns. Surveillance and monitoring of words and actions? Check your phone tapping friends at NSA and the cameras placed throughout every large ctiy. History rewritten? Check the description of the run up to the Iraq war and see how many Democrats are cited as believing Iraq had WMD, when there were many, many, many of them; only Bush is described as “lying.” Worship? Now even Barbara Walters describes Obama worship as resting on view he was new “Messiah.” Rewriting words to reflect current politically approved thought? Check out current definitions of “tolerance,” “freedom,” “diversity,” free market of ideas,” “love,” “sin,” etc. etc. etc.

And reeducation of the one with a thought or speaking a word not in alignment with politically correct thought? Check with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Expressing a view shared by the overwhelming majority of men and most committed Christians, he is banished. The community of activists and professionals committed to being outraged and seeking out every opinion that differs from their ideology in order to pummel it surfaces as could be expected. Waving the “tolerance for us; none for others” flag, they intimidate the weasels of A&E to send Phil packing and issue the obligatory “we just love gays and would never think anything but really positive and supportive thoughts about them” statement.

None of this is surprising. Troubling, yes. Anti-American and anti First Amendment? Absolutely. Outrageous, certainly. But surprising? Not all all. With a gay-affirming President no longer seeking higher office (except perhaps UN secretary…I kid thee not), they think they have the wind at their backs. They have banished “shame” from their dictionary and devoid of a traditional moral compass, they only do what one-trick ponies do. What they do not acknowledge is that God’s word describes another kind of wind that comes from where men do not know and goes where it wills. And that is certainly Phil’s comfort and should be ours.