Kill the eagles!

The President has approved the non-prosecution of companies operating wind farms whose windmills kill bald eagles. This prompts a couple of thoughts. First, his sycophantic supporters will excuse the carte blanche for killing by saying A. birds were killed by Bush’s windmills B. there are a lot of birds and its not as if we were hunting them (like Cruella de Wasilla would do) C. they can be sacrificed for the greater good of green energy. The puerile nature of these defenses need not be highlighted. Second, the president has shown again that anyone, from church ministers who officiated at his marriage to uncles who provided him a place to sleep, will be thrown under the bus without hesitation if the need arises. BHO is a wandering star with a few fixed points of rests: green energy, reducing America to a spectator in world affairs, making America a socialist nation with only one party, using education to shape the minds of the next generation and upholding the two sacraments of liberalism: abortion and homosexuality. In this quest, there must be sacrifices. Of course, others will make the sacrifices, not he. And after all, how many votes came from eagles in the last election? Liberals, be afraid and don’t cross the street without looking.