Glib be gone

Now let’s see. The President has demonstrated, in his tenure in office, that he has only one skill of note: giving speeches. He is rotten at foreign policy, ignorant of the basics of economics, supercilious in his dealing with opponents, bored with the mundane tasks of governance and prickly/mean when challenged. But that man can give a speech, boy can he give a speech, so long as he is telemprompter-enabled. In fact, every crisis he has faced has been dealt with in only one way: give a speech. Syria? Give a speech and think that settles and resolves the issue. Benghazi? Give a speech. Obamacare (pre 2013)? Give lots of speeches. The number of speeches that he has given is so large that we simply tune out when he tunes up. Whole generations of colicky children could be put to sleep with the use of those speeches. They were always simple, repetitive, unoriginal and most of all, glib. But now the glibness is slipping. The pace of events, the sense that those torches in the distance are not acolytes come to celebrate his wonderfulness but are being carried by angry villagers ready to assault Castle Obama and destroy the monster he created. And today’s speech revealed that under this pressure, the One is off-balance and shaky. Once the pitcher has lost his fast ball, batters start getting big hits. And when a politician is a one-trick pony, and that pony breaks a leg, then the party is over. The next three years could be a very long time for the president. Almost enough to make you feel sorry for him. On second thought, not!